There are plenty of other options both cheaper and more expensive. We believe we offer the best value for your money, simple as that. Here are some key points that separate us from other vendors that maybe you are not thinking about.


While others focus on offering a photo booth that’s easy for their staff to operate and carry around, we focus on the guest experience. Guests are impressed that they can see themselves prior to having their photos taken in real-time on our large monitor. They can adjust their hair, clothing, change position, etc. I can not tell you how this alone is an awesome experience for your guests. They love it! Some of our competitors offer a live preview but most are on small monitors or tablets. Big difference when you see it live at an event.


We have a real DSLR camera on our booth that our event photographer can manipulate in almost every direction which includes the ability to manually zoom and focus. Many of the other higher quality photo booth vendors can only tilt their camera. With our system, we can frame one person to look great or we can frame 15 people to look great. The fixed and tilt-only systems are limited and you will not find out until your event is over and you see all the poorly composed photos. Again, great for the vendor, not so great for your guests and their experience.


Imagine… eight members of your friends and family come over to have their photos taken. They are ready… then set… the camera flashes… and then… nothing happens. They have to walk over to another area or someone from the group has to run up to a small screen to see the result. This is not a great experience. In our case, the result is displayed on our large monitor and your guests can react, sometimes hilariously, to the result right away. Now that’s a great memory and experience for your guests. It’s also helpful in case the photo session needs to be re-shot. We can see right away that Jim had his eyes closed and we need to do it again. No problem!


Our high quality printer shoots out 4x6s in about 8 seconds on quality, glossy photo paper. Other printers can take 30 seconds or longer.  This can slow everything down to a crawl. Now your fun entertainment has turned into a nightmare almost instantly.


Our mix of features is just the right combination to keep your guests highly entertained while keeping the flow of guests moving. The novelty of some of the systems around look awesome. The reality is, they are made to wow you, the client, not your guests. Having your guests stuck at the photo booth for 15 minutes trying to learn how to use it is not a great experience.


Our attractive booth and service really shine at your event. On paper, many of us offer the same things… props, prints, digital photo sharing, etc. However, when you compare the finer details of each feature, that’s when you start to see the difference with Uptown Selfies. Our props are awesome! Two banquet tables full of them and we provide the tables and the linens. We include our own Internet connection at your event so you don’t have to worry about it. Our backdrops are awesome. The look, fit and finish of them are top of the line. Our system looks great.

Our software process is efficient and made for your guests. For example, let’s say we end up doing 2×6 photo strips at your event. Your guests can see, print and share the nice 2×6 photo, the animated GIF and/or any single image from the strip. Everyone is happy! Guests can also go back later during the event and print or share an older photo. Oh, and ask us about our live event gallery that’s included! Not only do you get a secure link to all the photos from the event, but your guests can see a live feed of the photos taken at the event, during the event as well. We can also toggle this feature off if desired. Did we mention our awesome photo layouts that are included?

We could go on and on. All we ask is that you compare the finer details and the value if you are shopping around. We are not the cheapest option, we are not the most expensive. We do offer the best value for your money and we challenge you to prove us wrong.


Our #1 goal is your guests experience and quality results. These points above are just a few of the important factors we feel separate us from the competition. There are quite a few more reasons including our high level of customer service, professionalism, experience, and others.

Still not convinced? Let’s break it down even further. Click here to learn more about our superior photo booth services. We prefer to call it a Photo Experience! It’s like no other and we will continue to innovate to stay on top of our game and ahead of the pack! Team up with Uptown Selfies today and see the difference for yourself.