Some other vendors offer sub-par booth solutions. They concentrate on basic equipment that is easy for their staff and is easy to transport. The actual guest experience is usually lower on their to-do list. This does not apply to everyone, but it’s true with many. Do your research. What we find is that many of them buy the basic tablet photo booth kiosks or stage gear towers.

Why We DO NOT Own or Rent These:

1) Many of these tower photo booth systems do not take great photos. Various venues and lighting conditions care really throw some of these systems for a loop and you end up with junk photos that no one thinks about again after your event.

2) Many of the systems just do not look good. On the flip side, some of them look awesome but it’s just not the same experience.

3) Poor camera and lighting systems. The ring light towers and some of the other built-in lighting systems just do not stand up in certain conditions. You either have to stand really close to them or you just get a sub-par photo. Sometimes we see people just getting out their own cell phones to take the photos instead. Ouch.

4) Small monitors take away from the experience. It’s fun to see the result of your photo right away. It can create fun times and great memories but when it’s hard to see what happened after the shots are taken, it can be a big bummer for your guests.

These are just a few of the reasons why we do not buy or rent these types of systems. These types of systems do not lower our event costs much so we see no reason to invest in lesser solutions. For others, it can be a benefit because they can buy something cheaper to get into the business and hire just about anyone to run their booth. Great for the vendor. Not so great for you, the client.

Here are some example photos of common kiosk style systems others use.