The enclosed photo booths are classic! Today’s manufacturers are making them more portable than ever which is bringing down the price on the rental costs. They are also building in more modern features like our booth has. However, classic does not mean fun for all. You might also think this booth is a good fit for “vintage” or “rustic” themes but most of them actually look pretty modern so not sure they work for that any longer unless you find one built and/or decorated accordingly.

Why We DO NOT Own or Rent These:

First, if you want an enclosed booth because you want a small private area for photos or lack the space to work with a more open solution like ours, skip the rest of this and go rent one. Those are the two reasons we would actually recommend the classic enclosed photo booth. We can not compete with those two variables.

1) Fixed camera position. Your guests have to get into a specific position to create a good photo. Not all people are created equal in age, size, shape, etc. This can be challenging for some of your guests.

2) Limited photo composition. This goes in line with the above but your photos will not vary much from one session to the next. There just is not enough room to mix it up.

3) The small size makes it very challenging and pretty much impossible for nice large group photos. I am sure some people can get creative but, in general, it’s not fun.

4) Limited backdrop options. The options for physical backdrops are generally not as robust.

5) In many cases, unless this is the look you are going for, the enclosed booths just do not look as nice on-site at your venue. This is subjective but we notice more usage at events with more open solutions.

Here’s an example photo of a nice modern enclosed photo booth: