Still on the fence after reviewing the information you have read so far about Uptown Selfies? Well, here are five more reasons to choose us for your next event…


With our photo booth rental system, you can tap into the virtually unlimited creativity, spontaneity, and selfie-loving fun of ALL of your guests. Give your guests the ability to leave hundreds of silly, little moments you might be missing! Our station is incredibly inviting and leads to the spontaneous and the hilarious.


At first, you may find yourself intimidated by the concept of a new ‘high-tech’ photo booth solution, concerned that some of your less tech-savvy guests may not know how to operate it. Fortunately, this is not a problem when you team up with Uptown Selfies! Our photo booth rentals include an attendant who not only keeps the gear working but explains the process and entertains your guests as well!


You will find that many of your guests want to show their support and/or love for your special event, but are, to put it simply, shy. Some may be intimidated by a photographer or be afraid they’re not being captured in the best light (pun intended!). Our photo station, however, is an entertainment option that will be available in the foreground or background of your event whenever guests choose to use it. When they are good and ready, they can go to the booth on their own prerogative and capture their best, often silly, moments.


Whatever the size of your event, a huge priority is showing your guests how much you care and appreciate them. Well, to put it simply, crafty party favors or other freebies, fun though they may be, are not the only type of memories your guests should be left with.

There is something to be said for making every guest feel like they count. Our photo station almost guarantees that every guest will have an opportunity to leave a visible mark on your event.


Smartphones. WiFi. Skype. Modern society has become obsessed with speed, and more importantly, with NOT waiting for anything. While this may seem like a throwback to the state fair photo booths of old, sans the four-quarter cost, people LOVE having their photos delivered instantly on high-quality, custom-designed prints. Not only can you and the guests get all the hi-res photos online, but your guests will have their own memory, in their own hands, to take home that day.