For more formal events like a gala, awards ceremony, pageant, wedding, etc., this might be the photo experience you are looking for. In this experience, we set up a photo area with a nice backdrop (ours or yours), a table for guests to sit their personal items on, one of our talented photographers, and our Photo Station. Guests line up as our photographer takes their photo with their professional camera and lighting. After the shots are taken, the images are rendered on our large touch screen display. Guests choose which photo(s) they like best and can print and/or send digital copies to their phone and/or email address right on the spot.

Our photographer can take photos in both portrait and landscape orientation for full body shots and larger group landscape shots. And, to top it off, you can personalize or brand the photos and the digital sharing messages. If you want the fun props, take a look at our other photo booth experiences. If you want something more formal, this is your solution!

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