How long will my video be?

Great question! It depends on the package you choose as we offer three basic video/film edits. A short film, our standard film, and our long film. The short film includes visual highlights of your wedding edited together to one song. Generally 2 to 4 minutes, pretty basic. Our standard film is our recommended option and includes the best highlights from the day broken up into three segments. A pre-ceremony section showing visuals from before the ceremony, then a section of your ceremony with the audio and post-ceremony highlights through to maybe the first dance(s), and then a final section with highlights from the reception.  Usually edited to 2 or 3 songs and generally in the 7 to 15-minute range. Our long film also three sections including your entire ceremony and highlights before and after. The length is generally the length of your actual ceremony plus a few minutes of highlights before and after.  For all three options, it’s hard to tell you exactly what the length will be until we get all of the footage back into the editing room. Every wedding is different. If you chose one of our raw-footage only options, you just receive the footage recorded by our cameras and no edited video at all.