The mirror photo booth is a novelty photo booth that has some impressive animations and, yes, a very cool “magic mirror” effect with a monitor set behind a two-way mirror with a touch overlay for guest interaction. Here are some reasons why we do not own or rent any of the mirror booth solutions.

Why We DO NOT Own or Rent These:

1) It’s not great for large group photos. With it’s mostly fixed camera mount, it’s just hard to make it work for the variety of group types and sizes we see at events.

2) The system looks great when it’s in a corner or up against a wall facing out towards your guests. The back of the system does not look very good. It’s just embedded into a stage gear case. Not so attractive which kind of defeats the nice mirror look. This limits where you can place it unless you don’t care about what it looks like at your venue. Shooting completely open air with the mirror booth just does not produce the same quality photos as our system is capable of.

3) The animations and interactivity (signing your name with your finger, etc.) slows down the action and can slow things down to a crawl. If there is a line of people waiting to have their fun photos taken, it’s an instant nightmare.

4) For those who might not be technically inclined (think children and grandparents), it can actually be a frustrating experience. An engaging attendant can help but it can still seem like more of a chore for some than a fun experience.

We notice it’s requested more for weddings. We see that some couples love the idea but not sure they are aware of some of the pitfalls.

Mirror Me Photo Booth Rental