Our Party Package is our most popular premium photo booth rental configuration. It’s a great mix of all the fun features for your guests at a fair price to ensure you get the best for less! Even other vendors come up to us and say, “WOW!”. That’s when we know we’re doing it right! We encourage you to compare. Let’s get to the details… You get our attractive, hi-tech photo booth system with our large, interactive, touch screen monitor.

Uptown Selfies Photo Booth System Setup Photo

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Our professional DSLR camera system and strobe lighting ensure you get quality photography in any lighting condition.

Wedding Fun

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You get a premium photo layout with your logo(s), text, colors, theme, etc. We have hundreds of templates to choose from or we can create one for you.

Premium Photo Booth Rental

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You get one of our premium backdrops. Our quality backdrops use top-tier materials and are designed for photography. They look great at your venue and even better in the photos! Our sequins backdrops can be up to 11 feet wide offering the opportunity for larger group shots. We can get 12-15 people into our photos!

Gold Sequins Photo Backdrop

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Our props package is awesome! Two 6 foot banquet tables full of premium party props. Over 60 items valued at over $500. Our props include a quality mix of hats, glasses, signs, and novelty items. We have other props to mix in as well to match various themes (birthdays, baby showers, weddings, etc.). If you do not have space for two tables, we will tone this down to just one table.

Our fun, engaging attendant assists your guests with the entire process so they can spend time having fun, not trying to figure out how to use the photo booth. Our process is also efficient so we can process guests quickly when necessary to avoid lines and frustrated guests.

Photo Booth Attendant

Our proprietary beauty filter takes our quality to the next level. This magic happens automatically in the background and enhances every photo before it’s rendered on the screen. It’s subtle but enhances the colors, smooths the skin, and more. It’s our own custom process.

Proprietary Beauty Filter

Our industrial-grade photo printer can produce two 2×6 photo strips or a 4×6 photo in under 10 seconds. This ensures short wait times and happy guests. Unless noted differently on your quote, this package includes unlimited prints! 5×7 and 6×8 photos are available.

Photo Booth Printing

Your package also includes live digital photo sharing. This means that guests can also send a digital copy of their photos to their phone, email address, or social media channels live on-site. Guests love this option!

You also get to personalize a short message that is sent along with their photos. For example, “Thank you for celebrating with us! Enjoy your photos and please share using #yourhashtag”.

Digital Photo Sharing

You never miss any of the action! After the event, we will send you a secure link to all of your photos. This digital gallery can be easily shared with friends, family, and/or colleagues. You can also download the photos. On top of that, you can view the gallery as a slideshow too. Sit back and relax as you view all the fun photos from your event!

Premium Photo Templates

Your package also includes our reliable hotpot Intenet connection so you do not have to worry about providing WiFi or another type of connection. We take care of that at no additional charge.

Internet Hotspot

Lastly, your package also includes the delivery, setup, and breakdown on top of your service time. We arrive about two hours before the start of your service time to ensure we have more than enough time to set everything up in case of any unforeseen delays (traffic, venue, etc.). The actual setup takes about an hour. The breakdown at the end of your event generally takes about 45 minutes.

We also have quite a few add-ons to enhance the experience including a photo book service, red carpet, stanchions with velvet ropes, keepsake photo frames, custom backdrop, physical booth branding, guest data collection, LED inflatable enclosure, green screen, and more. Those will be listed on your formal quote. The most popular add-on is our photo album service.

Why Choose Our Premium Photo Booth?

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Pricing varies based on your event date, location, expected guest/attendee count, and other variables. As you can imagine, the price for an event with 50 guests across the street for two hours is different from an event with 10,000 guests a hundred miles away covering multiple days. We are standing by to help you create a package that has everything you want and need at a fair price.

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