Our photo booth rental experience is an awesome mix of an event photographer (great photos), nostalgic photo booth (props and prints) and hi-tech integration (digital photo sharing, social media sharing, etc.). Here are just some reasons why we are superior to our competition.


Compared to the competition, there is nothing exactly like it. Other open air systems use unattractive stands or “pods” for their photo system with small monitors, if any at all. Our attractive system looks like a giant cell phone and has a large 32″ touch screen monitor. The monitor not only serves as an convenient sharing station after your guests take their photos but also shows a live preview of your guests before the photos are taken, just like a mirror. Guests love to see themselves before having their photos taken!

Our camera and strobe lighting is mounted to the outside of the system so guests have an idea of what they are looking at from a distance. It is also a professional look. The competition, if they even have a real camera or lighting, usually mount it inside their “pod”. In many cases, it just looks odd. Some also use continuous lighting which is sometimes annoying to your guests and may detract from the ambiance of your venue.


Once your guests have their photo taken, they can share digital copies via email, text message, Facebook or Twitter. 95% of our guests who use this feature will send their photo as a text message as they are already logged in to the social media channels on their phones. Guests love it! As the client, you can also customize the message that is sent along with the photos when your guests use the email or text message feature. This is great for branding, marketing, instructing guests to share on social media, or for just saying thank you.

Guests can go back to earlier photos, they can can see and share animated GIFs of layouts that support that feature, they can share individual photos on multi-shot layouts, and more!


Our system is not the “magic mirror” but just a word of warning. Even though the mirror is a cool idea, it does have some limitations. Compare what you read on this page to what you get with the magic mirror. When you look at all the details, it is not the same guest experience. The novelty of it will usually wow you, the client. However if you were able to speak to the guests and, in actual usage, we feel strongly that our guest experience is far superior. We can actually convert our solution to a mirror booth but it forces us to “turn off” many of the features of our software.


Our open air system with premium lighting can also create quality large group photos. This is superior to any enclosed booth capability. Our system is also more capable than most of the other open air solutions out there as well. If they use a tablet camera, webcam or sub-par lighting, you just will not be able to touch the quality as it relates to large group photos. Other open air solutions may provide nice photos and cool features but lack the ability to take large group photos. Keep that in mind if you are shopping around and plan to take these types of group photos. Some are just optimized for close-up photos of 2-3 people even though they offer an open air solution. 8 to 10 is no problem. 20 or more is possible depending on the physical set up!


Our photo quality is far superior to most of our competition. Check it out for yourself. We have many event photos in our gallery. Look at ours, look at theirs. Our DSLR camera and strobe lighting allows for great photos in any lighting condition from pitch black to full sun. Good luck with some of competition that uses fixed settings to take your photos. If the lighting changes or if your ambient light is not ideal for their system, get ready to be disappointed with your photo booth photos.


Our party props are awesome! Over $500 in props covering over 12 linear feet of table space. We have not seen any of our competitors with the quality or shear quantity of props that we offer. Many offer a small table with a cheap $10 prop kit. This might work for some of you but come on, this is a photo booth party! Your guests want options. What fun is a photo booth without awesome props? The only exception in our mind is the corporate event client or sophisticated event where props are not appropriate. That’s it. Otherwise, let’s load it up!!!


Our 4×6 postcard style prints or 2×6 photo strips print out in just 8 seconds on quality glossy photo paper! Keep this in mind when you are shopping around. Some of our competition have slow printers that take 30 seconds or more to print and are lower quality! That doesn’t seem long but at the event when you are done and ready to move on, that kind of time can seem like an eternity. Make sure you compare. We also offer 5×7 prints.


Need we say more… VIEW LAYOUTS NOW


Our professionalism is top notch. From our first contact through the service, we work with you to make sure you are 100% comfortable and completely clear on what we need from you and what you are going to receive. Your deposit is refundable before your event, as per our cancellation policy. As of today, no one has ever asked for a refund on our service for any reason. We strive to keep it that way.


As a family owned business, you can expect excellent service and an awesome guest experience. Take a spin around our website, social media channels and gallery. Reach out to us any time with your questions or concerns. We are here to help create an experience that fits your needs and budget. We look forward to serving you.