Are you looking for the best photo booth rental experience for your wedding reception? Something a little different for your special day? Something that your guests will really enjoy and appreciate? Some might think of us as a photo booth company but what we offer is quite unique. We offer an entertainment centerpiece for your wedding reception. Our service is a great compliment to your DJ / Band and any other entertainment you might have. We also compliment your existing wedding photography and video services.

A typical photo booth stuffs your guests into a small box and, generally, the pictures are not that great. The paper prints most likely will just end up in the trash and the booth itself is not that inviting, especially for larger groups. So, you can say you had a photo booth but it will be a distant memory for you and your guests when it’s all over.

We take the idea of the photo booth to another level. In fact, we’ll go as far as saying it will be the most talked about part of your wedding as it relates to entertainment and overall guest experience. We take a section of your reception area and turn it into a red carpet-themed gala event complete with awesome photos, quality on-site prints, instant sharing (email, text and social media), premium party props, a custom backdrop, and yes, the red carpet.

Let me tell you why this is great for your guest experience. No matter what you have planned for your reception, there is going to be downtime where your guests have nothing to do or would rather do something else than what you have planned. So, in between dancing, eating, drinking, sitting at their tables, and other activities, they can cycle through our area as often as they like whenever they like. Aside from providing your guests with nice on-site prints that they can take home with them the same day, it’s even better for the people who don’t like to dance or feel a little awkward or bored just sitting at their table. It helps bring people and families together and it gives them more chances to have their photos taken while they are all dressed up. The props just add another level of fun and entertainment. We like to call it the circle of continuous fun!

Wedding Photo Booth

It truly compliments your existing photography service because they can only capture so much and your guests will surely remember the fun they had with us more than that of the flashing camera that was stuck in their face in the middle of dinner.

In summary, we create smiles and priceless memories that your guests will appreciate on a grand scale that is much more impressive than a typical photo booth. Team up with Uptown Selfies today and let’s make your next wedding truly unforgettable! Add our scrapbook service for even more fun!

Insider Note: Just about every DJ we meet before service comes over and says, “…this is the most epic photo booth I’ve ever seen…”. This is what it’s all about for us. When other vendors say “Wow”, we know we are doing it right.

Bonus tip! We also find that the bride and groom are usually so busy that they find little time to use the photo booth. However, when they do find more time, we notice this usually creates some of the best memories of the night! Guests WANT to be with you on your special day and there are not many opportunities to have photos WITH you! We highly recommend you build in time during your reception for photo booth time with your friends and family. Schedule this into your program, have the DJ announce it and everyone will come over to get fun photos with you! It’s a great way to ensure you have photos with everyone and, as I said before, creates some of the best memories of the night for you and your guests. It’s also a great way to get the most out of your rental.

While our competitors focus on what’s easier for their staff, what keeps their costs low, and how to use your event as a marketing tool (branding your photos, your text messages, handing out cards, etc., we have the opposite thinking. We want to be busy and provide the best photo quality and guest experience for you and your guests. We feel this is a better way to earn more business and it’s what we would want for our families.

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