Wedding Video FAQ - See our frequently asked questions and answers below.

  • What packages do you offer? What are the prices?

    We offer a variety of packages to fit your budget with upfront pricing. View them here.

  • Can I change the coverage times after booking?

    Yes, we can change just about anything on our end as we approach your wedding day, even day-of if necessary.  You can add more coverage time, remove time, shift the timing, etc. We are happy to work with you. Of course, charges apply when adding more coverage time.

  • Can I change features after booking?

    Yes, we can change just about anything after booking. Maybe you’re not sure about the final timing, drone footage, streaming, etc. No problem. We can tweak that later as we get closer to your wedding day.

  • When will I receive my wedding video(s)?

    Our average turnaround time is 5 to 15 business days to process the footage and get the video editing done. If you have a specific deadline or request, just let us know.

  • How long will my video be?

    Great question! It depends on the package you choose as we offer three basic video/film edits. A short film, our standard film, and our premium film. The short film includes visual highlights of your wedding edited together to one or two songs. Generally 3 to 5 minutes, pretty basic. Our standard film is our most popular option and includes the best highlights from the day broken up into three segments. A pre-ceremony section showing visuals from before the ceremony, then a section of your ceremony with the audio and post-ceremony highlights through to maybe the first dance(s), and then a final section with highlights from the reception.  Usually edited to 2 or 3 songs and generally in the 7 to 15-minute range. Our premium film also has three sections including more of everything since we have more coverage (two videographers). Generally 15 to 20+ minutes. For all three options, it’s hard to tell you exactly what the length will be until we get all of the footage back into the editing room. Every wedding is different.  If you chose one of our raw-footage only options, you just receive the footage recorded by our cameras and no edited video at all.

  • Do I get to pick my song(s)?

    Yes, if you have specific songs you would like to use in your edited video, we are happy to use them. If we do not feel your choice(s) work with the vibe or feel of the video once we get everything into the editing room, we’ll let you know. Of course, we want your video to be the best it can be.

  • Do I get the raw footage? What is that?

    Yes, all of our video packages include the raw footage. The raw footage is simply everything we recorded on our video camera(s). Due to the number and size of those files, those are mailed to you on an external drive.

  • What is the resolution of my video?

    Your edited video(s) are produced in Full HD, 1080P, 1920×1080. That is still the standard resolution for most TVs and devices. 4k resolution is available upon request.

  • What kind of video equipment do you use?

    Our team uses Canon gear which includes a variety of their EOS cameras (EOS R, 5D Mark IV, 90D, 80D, etc.) with a variety of lenses, gimbals, lighting, and other accessories to enhance our video quality and performance.

  • What is your cancellation/rescheduling policy?

    We are super easy to get along with and understand that things happen. You can reschedule or cancel for any reason up to a month in advance of your wedding date without penalty. We will simply shift everything to your new date or refund your deposit if you are canceling.  If your new date is not available, we will refund your deposit so you can look for another vendor. If you need to reschedule or cancel within a month due to COVID-19, there is also no penalty. We are happy to work with you.

  • What happens after I book my date with you?

    After booking, we will walk you through all of the details so we are both on the same page with what to expect before your wedding day. We will send you a questionnaire that goes over all the finer details of our service and collects the information we need from you to personalize our service. We can also communicate via email, phone, Zoom, etc., as many times as you like until you are comfortable with every detail. We are here for you!

  • Is there a deposit? How do I reserve my date?

    We make booking easy! We require a $100 deposit to reserve your date. The balance is due two weeks before your wedding day. You can complete your booking 100% online or over the phone. To complete your booking, just tap/click the “accept” button at the bottom of your formal quote, sign our short contract/cancellation policy, and then make a payment on the resulting invoice with a credit or debit card.  We will then confirm and follow up with you via email so we can work on finalizing the other details (venue location(s), coverage time, etc.). We will walk you through every detail.