Please take a minute to read our important message below…

After hundreds of events, we have discovered what people really want from a photo booth. As a result, we have refined our equipment and processes with all of our focus on what guests want the most. Guests want quality photos, a great props selection, the ability to see themselves before and after their photo on a large monitor, a large attractive backdrop, a physical print to take with them that prints fast, a digital copy they can send to their phone, someone to help them and take care of all the details, and a fun experience overall. This is our focus and this is what we provide with our premium photo booth service.

We used to have all kinds of other features including on-screen name signing with your finger, display animations, on-screen drawing, basic photo filters, etc. What we found was that our clients loved these features on the sales side of our business but 99% of guests live at events could care less about these things. In the end, they were either distracting, they slowed down the line, or they just had a negative effect on the overall guest experience. Usually, all of the above!

So, we removed all of those “features” and put our time and energy into our camera system, props, printer capabilities, backdrop quality, software process, and the overall guest experience. The result speaks for itself in our reviews, awards, and commitment to our client and guest satisfaction.

This is also why we really only offer one premium photo booth rental package. We offer add-ons to enhance the experience like a photo book, larger prints, LED inflatable enclosure, keepsake photo frames, booth branding, etc. However, without any add-ons, our core package includes all the fun your guests really want and is our most popular solution.

The only lessor package we offer uses a completely different photo booth system and is geared towards our clients with very little space, a really tight budget, or where they specifically want a self-serve solution.

On another note, we also arrive around 2 hours before our start time to account for any unforeseen delays like traffic jams, venue logistics, etc. 300+ events and we have not missed a start time yet!

We greatly appreciate your time and consideration for your party, wedding, or event. Thank you.