Our fun, award-winning photo booth experiences are the perfect fit for your next event. Great fun and priceless memories. View the information below to learn why Uptown Selfies is your #1 choice for your photo entertainment!


Photo Booth Attendant

This is our most popular system where our Photo Station is in the open so guests can see all the action. We have refined every detail of our process to create a fun guest experience like no other. Our system also uses the best equipment. A professional DSLR camera, premium lighting, large monitor, and attractive design creates quality photography in any lighting condition and is great fun for your guests.

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The GLAM “Booth”

Uptown Glam Booth

For more formal events like a gala, awards ceremony, pageant, wedding, etc., this might be the photo experience you are looking for. In this experience, we set up a photo area with a nice backdrop (ours or yours), a table for guests to sit their personal items on, one of our talented photographers, and our Photo Station. Guests line up as our photographer takes their photo with their professional camera and lighting. After the shots are taken, the images are rendered on our large touch screen display. Guests choose which photo(s) they like best and can print and/or send digital copies to their phone and/or email address right away.

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LED Inflatable Photo Booth Rental

This is our custom LED inflatable enclosure made for our premium Photo Station that sits inside. An extreme way to draw attention to the photo booth area. The lights inside can be a static color, fade between many colors, or even dance to the music. Super fun! This is considered an add-on to our premium photo booth rental so just add $50 to our premium package pricing above.

LED Inflatable Photos


Green Screen Photo Booth Rental

This is our premium Photo Station with a special green screen backdrop that is replaced with digital backgrounds as photos are taken. A fun way to offer a special background or multiple virtual backgrounds during your event. Transport your guests to tropical destinations or even the moon! The options are almost limitless. This is considered an add-on to our premium photo booth rental so just add $50 to our premium package pricing above.

Green Screen Photos


black and white experience

This is another one of our premium photo experiences! Our proprietary process converts your photos to black and white and does some magic with the color, exposure, light balance, smooths the skins, removes wrinkles, and more, giving you an almost plastic look! We like to call it our Kardashian Filter. Now you and your guests can look famous on the red carpet with this unique experience. We use a white or black backdrop and fashion props for this experience. This is considered as an alternate configuration to our premium photo booth rental and does not affect our current sale pricing as shown above with our premium photo booth rental.


Self-Serve Photo Booth System

This is our unattended digital photo station which is best for clients looking for longer rental times and/or who have limited space. Great for small trade show booths, high traffic areas at conferences, and for anyone looking for a system with a smaller footprint and/or prefer to not have an attendant.

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Guests take photos with their own devices and tag them with your hashtag(s) on Instagram or Twitter. Those photos populate automatically on our attractive Photo Station where guests can print them out with your custom branding or personalized border. There are some other neat features with this experience as well. If you have a great process in place for guests to share content to Instagram and/or Twitter, this is a fun addition to your event.

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